Exiled-Addition of A3 Exile server

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You can get the mod @ www.exilemod.com

Exile is a mod for ARMA 3. We went with Exile because out of the various survival type games out there this one has proven to be the best experience client side while having an active development cycle.
Exile is a survival game where you will find yourself starting in an island alone and with limited items to your name. You must scavenge weapons, gear, food and other critical items to survive group up with friends or lonewolf it is your choice!
The vanilla game has the following built in (forgive me if I miss anything)

•Base building
•Respect system:There is a mob family and you gain and lose respect for certain actions
•Safe zones used to trade and buy from vendors
•territory system

ARMA is unique in that it is highly customizable! This also applies to mods so with that being said the server has the following added for enhanced gameplay

•DMS mission system: Random missions will spawn about the map. Could be intercept convoy, investigate a downed blackhawk or get supplies. Oh and AI will spawn at the missions so bring some guns
•VEMF mission system: Same as above but these guys will invade towns/cities
•Infistar anti-hack system. A comprehensive admin/antihack tool to hopefully curb any stupid things going on.

•Adjusted day/night time. No one likes to be in the dark forever

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