You can be a failure!

You, yes you, can be a part of the of the Catastrophic Failure team!

Looking to join the Catastrophic Failure gaming community?  Head on over to the forums and register!

Do you want to be a regular contributor to the page?  Have funny things that the community would want to see??  Well here is where I would tell you to email but we are revamping the site so check back soon.

  • Humorous podcasts, video blogs, blogs or web sites.
  • Scripted(sketch) or unscripted comedy videos.
  • Funny stories or writing.
  • Basically anything that is quirky, funny, amusing and awesome.  Less serious the better we all have enough going on in our lives to bring us down so lets change the pace!
  • Constructive comments.  It does not all have to be sunshine and lollipops but don’t be a belligerent ass if you don’t like what is posted either

What we don’t want to see:

  • Anything that is taken to far.  In other words extreme use of racism, bigotry, sexism and so forth.  Everything can be funny if done tastefully and with moderation.
  • Trolling!  Do not use our site to troll others.
  • The first item goes for comments too.  Don’t be that guy and cross the line of “ohhh i see what he did there” to “oh what a racist ass!!”
  • Link jacking!  Don’t do kind of annoying always submit the source site.
  • Your Penis!!! DO NOT WANT!!! Boobs we can do, yeah even man boobs!

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