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    *edited for new additions to Exile

    CataFail Exile (Chitown) PvP |AI Missions|Starting Caps|Increased loot

    You can get the mod @ http://www.exilemod.com

    What is it? Survival mod for ARMA 3 in development containing the below stock features.

    •Base building
    •Respect system:There is a mob family and you gain and lose respect for certain actions
    •Safe zones used to trade and buy from vendors
    •territory system

    TO add extra spice to the game we have added the following to our Exile server.

    •DMS mission system: Random missions will spawn about the map. Could be intercept convoy, investigate a downed blackhawk or get supplies. Find the mission , take on some AI, profit????

    •VEMF mission system: Same as above but these guys will invade towns/cities

    •A3XAI: AI system that will actively run Heli, UAV, and vehicle patrols looking for players if it spots some players there is a good chance a group will come try to hunt you down. On top of this it will randomly spawn groups near the players to they may not be out for you specifically but it would be in your best interest to stay cautious.

    •Infistar anti-hack system. A comprehensive admin/antihack tool to hopefully curb any stupid things going on.

    •Adjusted day/night time. No one likes to be in the dark forever

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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