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    Hear Ye!
    Hear Ye!

    Forum rules are as follows:

    Racism, sexism, bigotry and all of the other things that would probably fall under the lines of hate crime are not allowed. It is not tolerated!

    This is an adult geared group so therefore it should be taken that anything on these forums or site can be NSFW or Children. That being said so long as you adhere to the first rule and it does not fall into any of the other rules to follow “adult language” is acceptable.

    Images are perfectly with the exception of GORE or PORN. Seductive images of women with their peaches damn near exposed or men with their dongs bulging from behind a piece of cheese cloth is fine. We don’t want to deal with moderation of porn since this is not a porn site but seductive pictures are easier to deal with so if you feel the need to express your lust for Miley pic one of the pictures were she has band-aids on her nipples. Gore on the other hand is a no brainer not everyone can or will appreciate brain splatter.

    Bating: Do not bate people into a flame war. Low effort posts are meh but so long as it doesn’t turn into a war no problem

    Stay on topic: If you are in the streaming section posts should be about streaming. If things get off topic 30 posts in that is a different thing entirely if need be moderation will be used.

    Lastly we reserve the right to change these rules and enforce moderation were we see fit regardless as to what is written here.

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